Friday, October 26

L2spell FFS

You play a Hunter and someone calls you a Huntard... cute joke but not for the 100th time. Recently a new guildy joined and tried to adress me as a Huntard... i made him very clear he shouldn't go that way, kinda joked about it but with a strict undertone and he got the drift. :)
When you call me a Huntard you are comparing me to those Hunters who love to use multi-shots when there are sheep, Hunters who keep using Aimed shot all of the time, Hunters who never seen an Icetrap unless a Frostmage would get aggro, Hunters who NEED huge two handed weapons with strength as they have to melee aswell. >.>
Those guys deserve the name on Huntard yes... i am NOT one of them and neither is any main Hunter in our guild.

But there are a lot more classnames or specs being raped like this; Nublock and Retardin spring to mind and there are a lot more out there most likely thought of by people alot more creative then me. Some are less insulting like Bubbleboy, Waterfountain or Dpsadin but one i simply do not get: Rouge.
Rogue is a colour, some make-up stuff or combined with Moulin if you are lucky enough... but what is the connection to a Rogue?
Did someone miss-spell and people found it so funny they started using it? Should i call the Mage's in our guild Mega's from now on or aint that funny and am i completely missing the point? (guess calling someone Mega is not insulting enough)
People spamming the trade with "LF Rouge SH" or often corrected, not just by Rogue's so it seems not just our stabby-stab friends are annoyed by this letter mix-up.

I must admit some words which are invented do actually help a lazy person like plz instead of please (altho i never use it when rly needing something), rly for really, idd for indeed, ty for thank you, lol for laughin out loud (i wonder how many people don't actually know where it stands for, just like rofl) not too even mention all those instance and zone shortcuts. (ok i will anyway: HH=Honor Hold, IF=IronForge, SV=Steam Vaults and who doesnt know MC, BWL, AQ from the good old days? )
Not exactly 1337 speak (which i'm not into but might make a cool blog later if i do look into it) but some people get quite lost due to those abbreviations, Wow requires its own dictionary at times.
Those who can speak the language can save themselves quite a few letters at time... rouge is not part of the accepted dictionary anyway.

Update: I found this fun leet-speek (abbreviation from Elite) translator which works both ways.
Should give a new method for spamming your guildchat. :P


Ess said...

Oh, the "rouge" people drive me crazy. At first I thought it was an intentional thing, but now I'm convinced that most of these people simply cannot spell.

Last night there was someone in the general chat begging for folks to "sing" his charter. People were asking him, "well, how does it go? I don't think I know the tune," and the kid just wasn't getting it. He just kept reiterating he was trying to start a "gild." The other funny thing is that while he typed his guild name correctly the first time as Dark Hunters, it came out in most subsequent typings "Drk Hunters." I supplied my own vowel for the remainder of the conversation...

Exanimo said...

Somehow i'm not too tempted to join guilds who's guildmaster can't even spell "tebert" or has a stupid name like snakeater. (i asked the dude to explain me what either snak or ater ment, don't think he understood me)

Anonymous said...

For wondering where "rouge" comes from:

1st: for a person who thinks faster than he writes (and not in his/her native tongue) a typo like that is understandable.

2nd: many people don't have english as their first (or second for that matter) language. Try spelling rogue, r-o-u-g (fonetic) is somewhat the sound you'll make. So it's understandable they'll write it like it sounds.