Monday, October 29

Unexpected Events

Last Friday i had a drink with some colleages from work so i was late for the raid, quite late actually. When i finally came online it seemed i wasn't the only one who was late and the 25man raid got canceled :( Our RL wouldnt be his true self if didn't at least tried to get a Karazhan run for a few people to get their last needed items (some items don't seem to drop ever unless you ain't there, it's one of those non-removable, invissible curses). When i came online i noticed a few alts in the raid aswell, normally we don't do that but they were obviously lacking certain classes.
I felt quite of sad as this would mean those alts were saved and the alt run that sunday and the following monday would be canceled.
They were just before Maiden at that point and my GF was their MT but she was just there to help and would gladly give up her spot.. so she asked the RL if i could replace her. As my warrior's gear is improving nicely (and i aint playing too bad either ) i didn't mind.
So where i was afraid i would miss out on the Kara raid i was suddenly playing MT again a few days earlier and i even got a new necklace. [Barbed Choker of Discipline] We had some dps problems later on so we couldn't finish it, hoping to do so tonight.

The next unexpected event in this series came from 5-mans; i was joining a pug with my m8 to get him some gear to one of the few instances i could get some gear aswell (for my tank), luck was on my side and it actually dropped for me.
The day after we finally managed to get a group to finish a pile of group quests in Shadowmoon Valley, giving me another tank-upgrade i was after. I'm at 521 defense at the moment which i'm going to gymp soon as i'm gonna get me a pvp shield as soon as season 1 gear becomes available to buy with regular honor.
My m8 did get two caster rings, not the drops we hoped for but better then nothing.

The final unexpected event this weekend was a more unpleasent one; we were running Serpentshrine Caverns and things were pretty much going okay. We had quite a few noobish wipes from people going too close to where they shouldn't, a Hunter having a mispull (still not sure if it was me or my fellow Hunter who did the 2nd Misdirect), some people simply not paying enough attention or just simply bad luck. All and all we did good enough and after killing Morrogrim we had to swap some people for raidbalance. Our carebear RL was slow on his decission on who this should be and the rest of the officers (me included) didn't offer much usefull advice aswell.
One of the officers was getting frustrated with the delay and went nuts and caused quite a stir in the officerchannel, finally leaving the raid to "solve" the problem (which made it even worse and caused even more delay).
Shortly after he had a go at the Carebear Raidleader in the Guildchat which pissed me off with him even more, it ended in a "the whole world is crazy but me" situation as the rest of the officers didn't agree with him which pissed him off even more. I couldn't take it anymore so i put him on ignore which resulted in a much happier raid for me from that point on.
This guy probably has some problems in personal life or just stress from moving house (still stressed out from moving this summer myself so i can imagen) which made him explode so badly,.. i'm just gonna leave him to himself for now, let him cool off and gonna forget it if he is not gonna bring it up once he's back to his senses.

All and all more WoW ups then downs imo so i won't complain. :)

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