Thursday, October 18

Deathknight spree

Nyhm made this great movie a while ago about a possible deathknight spree where he announced a spree of Deathknights in the next expansion. While he ment it funny there is a true core in his story as he certainly knows aswell.
But i'm not exactly worried about the DK's running around Shattrah or Northrend myself... i'm more worried what happens in my own little world: our guild.

I'm pretty sure some people will be trying out the new class, probably most will somewhere after or halfway leveling their main.. but there are already people not happy with their class and wanting to mainswitch as soon as the expansion hits us, not even checking out the new zone on their current main. This might seriously unbalance the raidforce we have, altho a new class will likely already make this happen.
Going on without a DK is not possible as Blizzard will make sure we need them in the new instances, there is little doubt about that.
So there is another fine task for the officers in the guild; how to prevent too many people switching to DK?
Not only will people switching to DK result in an overdose of tankingclasses (currently we have prot-warriors, feral-druids and prot-pala's fighting over the few tankspots in a raid, soon DK will join that fight) but also mainchanging will leave a gap and possible a shortage of other "old" classes.
I know for at least two people in our guild who want to become a deathknight and a third might be interested in doing so aswell. The funny thing (altho i can't seem to laugh about it) is those three are currently Paladins.. is that really such a bad class to play? o.O
For your information two are Holy and one is Ret so it's not just a matter of being sick of being a healing bitch.

It is still a long time before we see the next expension so perhaps things will be completely different by then, perhaps those people won't even be playing by then ór we have a healer abbundance and we will be happy to see them mainswitch... who can tell.
Still i have this nagging feeling about the whole situation which is often not without a good reason, let's hope my guts are just messed up this time from some bad Chinese i ate 3 months ago

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