Wednesday, October 24

Where did the pugs go?

Is it just me or is it suddenly pretty hard finding a Pick Up Group these days? As i tank i got quite a few random invites a day but recently those ninja invites have almost come to a complete halt. When i was looking for a group the last few days the options were very limited... the few groups i managed to get often contained jerks or people who didn't have a clue how to correctly play along with others.
The one succesfull run i did was with 3/5 guildies with the last two spots random dps, which turned out to do alright... (1 was a bit in a hurry but managed to finish the instance without us changing our relexed pace)

On of my theories was that everyone is doing Heroics these days but i do wonder if all those noobs have evolved aswell or am i in for an even bigger heap of trouble once i get my Heroic keys?
Thanks to Blizzard most of us will get their keys soon as in patch 2.3 you can get the Heroic key at Honored instead of the current Revered.
I'm quite happy myself as there is not much gear i require from regular instances so i do the runs purely for reputation, which is often not worth the hassle some pugs give you.
When getting the Heroic keys it seems more likely i get into pugs with better skilled and geared people as even raiders will be after a certain ammount of Heroic Badges, even more hopefully with the new items on the Heroic vendor in 2.3. (Even tho Karazhan and Zul'aman will drop badges too, luckily doing the new Heroic dailies which gives 2 badges in reward will tempt people to still do 5-man Heroics in the future)

Blizzard is proud on the fact that so many guilds are doing Karazhan, it is supposed the most popular instance at this moment even over the 5-mans. In the past when you didn't have an MC raiding capable guild there wasn't much left to do besides the 5-mans, nowadays the servers (at least mine) is crowded with small raiding guilds, 10men are alot easier to gather then 40 ofcourse... so i suppose more people actually get a chance at raiding, thus not pug'ing much.
To answer my own question, people are likely doing a combination or raiding and heroic 5-mans, the latter as pugs aswell.
Which leaves the alts and the casual (and likely the noobs) to the regular 5-mans...
So if i don't get my Heroic keys before 2.3 i will at least have some better chances getting some pug-action after that.

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