Wednesday, October 17

I'm a Racist... sorta

I am a Night Elf Hunter, at least my main is.. which is one of two possible races for that class when playing Alliance untill recently.
And while Horde says: All NE Hunters are 12 year old kids, i have met many NE's who werent.
I admit finding a good Hunter out there is hard as i found out myself once again recently when taking applies from Hunters for our guild. Often i'm done in just a few minutes and direct them to and tell them to go gather a bit more knowledge before appying to the next guild. The armory is a great tool to quickly indentify the bad hunters, while i have a chat with someone i often am already checking out their gear, talents and rep on my second screen. Just last week i had a Hunter with Strength gems in his gloves, not even achieving the gem-bonus by doing this >.>
When i ask people to tell me what their shotrotation looks like is another tool to cut these interviews short... nuff said; i met my share of Hunter-noobs both NE as Dwarves.

But for some reason when i see a Dorf Hunter running around on their short legs.. followed by a pet which could easily fit his master in his belly, i get an akward feeling. Like seeing a 99 year old Granny racing around in a Red Convertible Sportscar or a heavy muscled female bodybuilder, something just aint right!
For some reason i have a hard time not losing my respect for a person when they play a dorf Hunter. Loads of other classes playing dwarves i have no problem with but Hunters...?!? I don't know why, some Dorf Hunter in the past must have ruined it for the rest of them or something.

I like to read BRK's blog now and then, i don't agree with everything he says (as i am a self thinking Hunter myself :P) but it's obvious he tries his very best to get to the depths of his class and does his best to be the best possible Hunter. I respect him for that as much as i respect the other main Hunters (all NE's) in my guild for paying effort, time and money to constantly improve their play.. but at the same time i need to surpress the negative feelings i get when checking him out in a few of his recent video's where his small legs are carying his out of proportions body around. All dwarves have this problem i know but where most classes are often static, dwarven Hunters tend to move around alot... even worse when they use Aspect of the Cheetah.

I know this feeling is totaly unfitting and just recently i met another Dwarven Hunter who is eager to learn and often asks me the ins and outs of Hunterness. This info is not spend on deaf ears either as i see him improving all the time and with some gear improvement i'm sure he could quite keep up with the rest of the Hunters in our guild (the dwarf i'm talking about is an alt).
Perhaps he doesnt know all the tricks yet or missing some experience which a Hunter who's been playing since the retail does have, but he's better then majority of the Hunters i've met so far.
So this Hunter is slowly turning this racist... it might take a while but i'll get there ;-)

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