Thursday, October 11

Attunement... done!

Yesterday i helped a reallife friend get his Karazhan attunement. He was out of the running for a while because the dating scene but now his GF moved in with him ánd has her own account, he's back for the raiding game!
So it's time for him to try to catch up and get geared asap for raiding as so far he only got the T4 shoulders which he actually managed to get at level 69 as we were a lock short for the High King. But now Kara is open to him aswell, hopefully he will get some luck getting some loot.

But this attunement thing can be quite a pain, as it wasn't enough hassle to get my main attunemend.. i also "had" to attune my alt. As i finaly was attuned for Serpentshrine Caverns they scratched the need for that one, ah well.
Luckily getting my m8 attuned wasnt that hard as i could bring my warrior which made getting groups alot easier. Also BM was never so easy, our mage was bored to death dealing with those adds as they went down as fast as kids on a busted pinãta.
My girlfriend was along on her Hunter alt aswell which was freshly Beastmaster specced just 10minutes before that, after i hooked her up with a shotrotation macro she did at least 3x more dps then before... not even taking her pet in account.
(had no damagemeters but threatmeters showed she was cleary trying to get mobs pissed instead of scratching their itch like on a previous run)

There are some rumours about this whole attunement thing by the way, it's been said that if one toon gets attuned for a certain instance... all his/her other toons get attuned aswell! Now that would save us alot of trouble, i'm sure people dreaded the idea of doing the whole Marshall Windsor thing for their alt aswell. (even did it on 3 of my toons and helped various guildies, the horror!)
Not sure if this would count for keys aswell but i assume it would, besides perhaps the Heroic keys.
While some people feel people should do those attunement quests on alts aswell to learn the class properly, does those chains actually try to teach you something you didnt learn while doing any random other quest or instance runs? I think not.
My alt will likely never see Mount Hyjal (which is the next needed attunement) but for the next expansion "Wrath of the Lich King" there will likely be Kara-like instances which require attunements and are good targets for an alt, implenting this "attune-all" method would surely be nice :)


The Eternal n00bie said...

I hope your GF likes Beast Master.

Tell her to key bind the shot rotation macro you made her to her scroll wheel. It is so much fun, just make sure she watches the aggro.

It's amazing how much easier attunement is when a bunch of the people helping already have a bunch of Kara gear!

Exanimo said...

Not a bad idea actually, can just keep scrolling to spam shots? Alot easier then wearing out that keyboard key it seems.

By the way: added Kill Command to that macro aswell, hard to miss it then. :)