Monday, October 22

The end is near?

Different people get different things out of World of Warcraft.. some people like to mindlessly grind, others like to alt, many are in it for the social thing and quite a bunch are enjoying the raiding part. For me the goals have often switched arround a bit.
When i was still leveling (pre-TBC) i was always looking forward to that next level where i got new skills and would become even stronger. My long term goal was being the best Hunter possible (as disgussed before). I got my fun out of Wow doing 5mans with my friends and later i would really enjoy going to MC with my guild.
This shifted to BWL and when i was tired of that i loved to do MC again with my Warrior alt. Zul'Gurub was also somewhere on this list, first with my main, later with some alts.
Time went by and Karazhan became the new obsession. While the mains moved on to SSC and TK it was time for my alt to visit Karazhan (as a more frequent reader of my blog will know)

So where do i get my current fix? SSC? TK?... well actually, in Karazhan. For some reason neither SSC as TK do much for me, not sure if it's the ambience, the creatures or the bosses.. it's just missing something.
What keeps me playing Wow atm? Strangely enough it's being able to do Karazhan with my alt Tank.
Not only does the instance appeal to me but also the change of pace, playing a different character for a change. Most of the week i look forward to Kara which we do on the Monday and now and then on the Sunday during the day aswell.
During most of the other days i prepare for this, grinding mats to get myself new gear crafted, pvping for again gear, instances for rep so i can get the factionrewards, that sort of stuff.

Yesterday we actually got a great group together. The last few weeks we had to deal with people who were after a few fast epics for their alt which resulted in an undergeared raid as most didnt take much effort putting good gems and enchants on their gear. Last week was the ultimate down, i had again managed toget myself better gear during the week and was ready to test them out in Kara... but loads of the people which showed had put less effort in it. We even figured we couldnt get past Moroes which was the truth at the end, we only managed to kill the Huntsman :(
I was happy to see people did prepare this time and we even had people too many. How frustrated i was i got outrolled on a spot after spending all that time and money on my gear and whiping on previous runs with underequipped people.... i lost the roll fair and square but i did feel cheated someway. Most of the bosses they killed didnt even drop (or had chance to drop) gear i could have used, it was mostly because i really enjoy doing that instance on my tanktoon and now was looking forward to a day of boredom.

Just the day before that i finally managed to get a pug at the end of the day for a regular run (everyone doing Heroics nowadays or what?) and this moonkin kept nuking the mobs before i even had one sunder on it (often before it even reached me) which was quite frustrating as i had to blow my taunt right at the start so i often don't have that emergency button ready. When the mage missed his sheep and i decided to tank it, as most mobs were dead anyway and i could easily tank the last 2, he decided to say "stop breaking my sheep ffs"... i didnt even bother with saying "stop sheeping my mob ffs" and typed: "I really don't like people saying ffs to me....", left the party and i hearted out.
Think the message was clear as they didnt even bother to whisper.
The rest of the evening i stood in Shattrah, bored to bits and nothing to do... but i didn't have the courage to find yet another pug.

When i didnt get a spot in Karazhan and looked forward to yet another boring day i was starting to think: Why exactly do i play this game anyway? At the moment i enjoy doing Kara but besides that i'm just filling my time untill the next Kara raid. (altho raiding on my main has it's moments aswell ofcourse) If the most fun i have is in Karazhan on my tank, am i not doing something wrong?
Shouldnt i find a Karazhan raidgroup who actually needs a tank? Ofcourse this would be a short term fix as this will go boring aswell and what then? The next option i might have is Zul'Aman which would require a raidgroup with at least full Karazhan gear, rather better then that.
My current guild is up for that so i guess i just bite my lip and wait till 2.3 arrives, hoping to be able to make my tank usefull in Karazhan now and then untill then.
Or maybe there is simply a limit to the number of raids a person can do before quiting Wow... time will tell once again.

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