Friday, October 5

Storm in a glass of water?

Not sure if it's a Dutch expression but it means something like making a big thing out of nothing and i wonder if that is what went on in our guild lately. People were unmotivated as a result of not getting back into the right pace after the summerbreak which made the progress even worse.
When we looked at our raidforce we had a pretty good group going, loads of skilled players (few a bit less but we can't be picky all the time im afraid) and most people are geared up nicely... but for some reason the new bosses didnt go down.
This was greatly our players faulth as we start late due to not enough people showing on time and leaving us too little time for some serious attempts on new bosses. Before we reach a boss its often 21h30-22h and often the raid stops at 24h because of too many people leaving, just enough for 2-4 attempts which is not enough to get a good feel of the event.

So in my last post i was thinking if it was just a motivation issue or something bigger was going on.
Just a day later, i was home later after a long day at work (and a very early morning aswell... getting up at 5h30 ugh..) and went to bed early, there was another raid to Serpentshrine Caverns.. my Girlfriend who was along aswell shouted to me from the other room "Hydross is down!".
Well i'll be damned, i go to bed early for a change and they get a guildfirst. And there i was wondering what was going on with motivation just the day before that. I must say i was quite relieved and hoped this wouldnt be a temporarely high.
Yesterday was the first day of a new week and we started out with SSC again, with the set targets Lurker and Hydross.
It started out pretty good, we actually had 30 people to choose from to fill our 25man raid where we usually had to start out with whatever we could. We had enough people for me to go AFK for a while (as i had an headache) but was requested to come back when they started on Hydross.
Shortly after that they managed to kill Lurker (2nd attempt as they had an add-tank die due to a healer paying no attention so they reset the event, aka forcefully wipe) and i was brought back in for Hydross.
The first attempt we lost some dps as an add that spawned killed a couple of people so we again had one of those painfull resets. (got to love Feign Dead :p ) The seconds attempt was our last one as Hydross went down smoothly with just 1 dead (someone who doesnt pay attention to threatmeters so didnt surprise me anyway).
We had even time to spare to do another boss which would be Magtheridon... oh my, we actually are seriously raiding again! :D

Guess we've had enough downs, time to live the good life again.

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Girl Meets WoW said...

I've never heard "storm in a glass of water," but in English we have "tempest in a tea kettle," so I get your meaning. :)