Monday, October 15

Real life raid

Yesterday we had a little meet-up with a bunch of Dutch Guildies (we are an international guild actually) at my place.
It actually was my GF's idea which invited them and most of them didnt had other arrangements and told us they would come.
So this Sunday my livingroom was filled with 9 people who didn't had much more in common then an online game... and boy did we have fun!
They met at our place at 13h and till late in the evening (last one left at 24h30) we did nothing else then eat (thanks to my GF testing out the new kitchen once again), drink and talk about thé game.
Stories about ingame assholes, the guild, raidtactics, noob things we did, wishlists, specs, jokes, frustrations.. we could easily make this a weekly session without getting bored with it anytime soon.
How much fun it is to talk about your addiction freely and tell stories and jokes which are understood by someone who's not on the other side of a screen... we had quite a laugh and i'm pretty sure the neighbours know aswell. (and no.. we were all sober!)

We laughed our heads off when thinking about our Raidleader who was a bit frustrated we planned this get together on a raidnight.. obviously there weren't many other options then doing this on a Sunday but he was quite worried what to do with that many people not showing.
Nine people aint that much to miss but when we found out we had 6 of the regular healers amongst us (guess Dutch are more of the caring types?) we figured we probably killed that nights raid.
We were giggling like little girls when we thought of the plan to log in one by one on my PC and ask the Raidleader for an invite followed by a "relog, brb"... ow how happy the little Gnome would have been with us logging in only to be the more frustrated when we would never return.
To not piss of other guildies aswell we never followed through on this plan but the idea alone for good for yet another laugh.

A couple of the Dutch Guildies i had seen once or twice before on a previous get together but still we were relative strangers you would say, but it was a busy chatter with not a single akward silence... like we had a meet up with a bunch of old mates. Probably in some way these people have become just that: friends.... you've playing with them for a couple of months or even years and while you often don't know their real names you do know some of the ingame history of those people, like you were around when they grew up and became part of their legacy.

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