Wednesday, October 10

Fill in the gaps

We've recently started using Wow-raidar to organize our raids... that’s one thing the standard WoW UI is lacking in, a simple tool to sign up for raids or something. We used to use an addon called calendar but we had synch problems, resulting in some having a certain raid in the calendar while others planned something else.
This was mostly sorted by setting our raids on set dates but still we didn’t know in advance if we would have enough >fill in class here<'s, making it pretty hard to determine our raidtarget of that night in advance.. not much use doing Magtheridon if you have just 3 "tanks" online for example.

So we started using Wow Raidar, it's still being heavily developed and could still use a few more functions (and will get those hopefully soon-ish) but it's a good step in the right direction. People can sign up (once registered to site and guild) and the Raidleader(s) can then draft the needed people. Order of signing up is displayed as well so you can actually endorse signing up fast.
On nights we have too many people we filter people who didn’t bother to sign up and showed anyway, as long as class balance permits it of course. ;)

Ow how i remember the days in my previous guild where 60 people would show for a 40man raid, being a Raidleader back then was quite a nightmare... the worst part of the whole evening. I would try to select the right people depending on the raidtarget (needed classes but also better geared people for harder targets), but also try to give new people a chance or those who i had to leave out before.
More then once i got heavy shit and being a RL of 39 others already put me in quite a tellhell so that was something you really couldn’t use.
One person decided to make a case out of it and filed a sort of complain to both me and the TC (Set of Officers who took care of problems), a couple of messages later back and forth i actually got an apology and deep respect from that person as he didnt notice until i explained to him just how much work a Raidleader had to do and how hard it was to pick the right people in a fair but balanced way.
And i respected he dared to admit he was wrong, or at least ill informed. ;)

This aint the only example i have on issues like this.. i've been accused of many unfair things as people didnt agree on who i picked while i always tried to do it in the best way possible. I just hope a tool like wow-raidar can limit problems like this a bit as it puts part of the responsability back on the raider.

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