Tuesday, October 9

Dodge THIS!

Yesterday was another Karazhan alt-run but this time it was started on Sunday so the Huntsman and Moroes were already down. As i had just one hour time on Sunday i tanked Huntsman and then had to leave for a social event. Due to lack of replacements they had to call it after 1 try on Maiden so that was where we continued yesterday.
To my suprise we one shotted here, previous weeks the healers had problems keeping me up.. but i guess the gear of both Healers as my own has increased, besides that people are slowly learning the tricks of their new class i guess.
Most of us never raided with their alts, let alone with the new bag of tricks we got offered at 61+. I myself was lucky enough to have tanked a bit in both MC and BWL on alt runs pre-TBC and when an other guild needed some help.
Nothing shocking tho... some MC bosses (those who didnt require resistance gear) . The best i did was probably Vaelstraz in BWL (apart from trash) where i was 4th in line (but as most of thosepeople didnt use KTM i ended up 2nd most of the time, as an arms warrior at that time).

Needless to say i'm still learning, but we managed to get our alts up to Aran (which we did not kill yet as we only had time for 2 tries) so i got to tank Romelo&Julianne and Curator yesterday aswell as 2 Arcane guardians because i was the only tank.
One of the things i found out was that Crushing blows make a healer's job quite difficult. I had to keep shieldblock up so i would get alot higher avoidance rate which is basicly a combination of mob miss chance, dodge, parry and block chance.
When i was browsing the net for more information on that i found the macro below.
Get HolyShield or Shieldblock up and then use this macro, the percentage being mentioned should be above 102,8%.

/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Need 102.4 combined avoidance. Currently at:",0.8,0.8,1)
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(GetDodgeChance()+GetBlockChance()+GetParryChance()+5+

Again i have gained some extra knowledge how to play my alt's class to the best potential... sometimes i have the idea i do more effort playing my alt correctly then most people do for their mains, quite sad when you think of it. (but am i the sad one or the "slacking" main? :p )
Still i have plenty to learn, i've read about threatrotations and even know how they work, it's just pretty hard to keep to those rotations in the midst of a fight where you have to check if other people got their mob under controll aswell... or maybe it's just me wanting to keep an eye on everything.
One thing that helps me while doing this in Intervene (small sidestep) which is basicly the Tanks charge which is only useable in defensive stance and even catches the next blow of the targeted mob (assuming he's targeting a friendly).
I made this brilliant macro which i bound to the F-key, depending on stance it uses Charge, Intervene or Intercept (even dismounts if needed) and it makes movement while tanking so much faster. Will share this with you later if you're interested.

Ok enough of this tanking mumbo jumbo... back to work now, chop chop!

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