Wednesday, October 31

Boost me SSC kk?

The title may seem a bit far fetched but there is actually a bit of truth in it... we are clearing Serpentshrine Cavern at the moment and our latest achievement was Fantom-lord Karathress (btw; Kara is short fot Karazhan btw, not Karathress... stop confusing me). We didn't take a shot at the next boss yet; Leotheras the Blind which was the last boss standing in between us and the endboss Lady Vashj. The problem is you need a lock with a nice ammount of Fire resistance gear to tank one of the phases, the lock who was saving up on this gear and a new job suddenly and doesn't have much time at the moment.. so we need a different lock to get ready but that can take a while as loads of Heroic badges are required.

Yesterday a new Tank joined us from a guild a bit higher on the progress list as us (things aren't going so well there atm), despite the number of noob wipes we had with him on an earlier run.. guess he either has confidance we don't do that on regular basis ór likes the positive (and somewhat twisted) mood we have going in our guild.
He managed to borrow a full Firegear lock so we could try out Leo, completed with some extra tips on how to do him.
Both the lock as the advice seemed to help alot and we managed yesterday to take Leotheras down on our very first night doing him, on our 3rd attempt on him actually. Now i look at it the fight aint actually that hard and alot more forgiving then most encounters, the only tricky part is the inner demon spawn which only you can kill... and if you don't manage within 30seconds you get Mindcontrolled for 10minutes, ouch!
I took the fun role upon me to nuke those who switched sides :P
Later i found out you didn't get any durability loss this way so it's not a bad way to die either. (yes i lost from my demon aswell >.>, was trying to nuke a 18k health tank down when the demon spawned... the combination was a bit more then i could handle as i was surprised and i was a single shot short)

Not sure if our new tank really liked the way we handled things or if he was just trying to make us feel more comfortable but he expected to down Vashj by next week. (might be a bit over optimistic but i agree she should go down quite soon now)
Anyway him and his m8 (which was actually a RL girl... pretty rare to find in raidguilds, we only have 2 ourselves) helped us out alot and hopefully we can get us a proper equipped lock soon to keep this sucker on farm.
A nice boost i'd say... hope they didn't mind the repairs too much. :)

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