Tuesday, October 16

No Pay, No Gai-n

Yesterday it was time for the Karazhan Alt-run which is was looking forward to all week (more then SSC and TK actually surprising enough).
I'm taking my alt quite serious, i'm even sticking him in Epic gear and working my ass off (aka getting my ass ganked) getting some nice pvp gear.
Our raid started at 20h30 and i had a major headache, but since i was looking forward to this, wanted to try out the new gear i had and didnt want to let others down i took an hour nap, hopefully to feel better by the time we got moving. My GF waked me up as invites had started and i dragged my throbbing head towards the screen. And there i was, in a unbalanced raid (4 warriors, 3 priests) with various people who didnt bother to enchant their gear or had crappy green gems. From the start we knew we couldnt get this bunch past Moroes which would be quite disappointing after last weeks result... but at least my head was happy with this.
The Huntsman went down pretty smooth but Moroes was a bigger problem as DPS was too low and the healers ran dry before we got the boss down several times. After 4 tries we decided to call it and it was time for me to revisit that bed of mine, a disappointing raid i must say.
In the officerchat i vented my feelings: "Call me a jerk but if people come this ill-equiped again next raid, they better have a backup tank!"
"i couldnt agree more :-)"
a fellow officer who was along replied.
A 3rd officer stepped in and tried to piss us off with "2 jerks then".... upon which i replied "just trying to make you feel at home m8 ;)" (old skool quotes ftw)
Hopefully we have better luck next week.. we did make a statement there i think when we told people they need to invest first before they can reap the rewards.

In meantime i've found a new goal for my warrior. While i first planned to get exalted with the Sha'tar to get the shiled i changed plans this morning... i was browsing the net again for Wow related news and found this this article where they confirmed what i expected longer: Season 1 Arena rewards will be buyable soon with regular honor and tokens. As it is on the PTR at the moment we can expect this in patch 2.3. Altho it may take quite a while before it goes live, at least we can start grinding already.
I made my wishlist already:

[Gladiator's Shield Wall] for 15000 honor and 20xEotS tokens.
[Slicer] for 9000 honor and 20xEotS tokens.
Besides that i was looking for some other gear to replace my current blues;
[the chestpiece], [the helm], [the shoulders] and [the leggings]. I have to take care i'm not gimping other usefull stats as Defense, Dodge, Block and Parry by doing so.. so it is likely i can only choose one of these items to replace my tank-blues.
Perhaps i should get myself a big phat brutal weapon to make pvp'ing less frustrating... or even better; a nice OH as my current tank-spec improves damage from one handers by 10%.
Sooo much to do, so little time.

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