Friday, October 19

The Girly Tank

Like i said in my previous post (had too much inspiration today :P ) we went to Serpentshrine Caverns yesterday.
First boss we encountered was Hydross which requires two main tanks; one in full Nature Gear, the other one in Frost.
I guess like in most guilds there are one or two main tanks who often get the more difficult jobs.. and after a while they are the most experienced so the most likely choice.
Yesterday our Tank with Frost gear wasnt online, the one tank who had the required ammount of Frost resistance was my girlfriend. (she had chosen Frost as it was the prettiest set ^.^ )
She does her very best and pays a lot of attention to her gear but before Wow the most complex game she played was probably Patience.
So she doesnt have quite the reflexes of a born and raised gamer, she's one of those turn-key tanks out there but makes up for this with her enthousiasm and sparkling personality. (she's kind of the guilds mascotte i suppose)

Hydross is a tricky pull, we had many wipes before our regular tank had the pull right and requires some fast action and positioning... and i think our regular tank is quite skilled, more then my GF too be honest.
And yesterday she had to do that... the tricky pull, the pull which even our regular tank fucks up now and then. He even uses swiftness pots to make this go smoother, a lot of click-a-dy-click in a short period of time required.
I was worried when our Girly tank ran in but to my suprise it was the smoothest pull i ever seen! And on the very first attempt ever... the Nature tank even had to explain her before we started on how things exactly worked. But there it was, out of the blue: a perfect pull!
Hydross barely moved at all.
Sure some of us had to take care not to overaggro as her threat generation is slightly lower but besides that transistions and all went perfectly fine. She did great and i was relieved as proud that she did it so well. Even the Raidleader complimented her many times which surely boosted her ego. :)

We got lucky in the end tho as someone did actually overaggro and made Hydross run off. Our Girly tank had to start running after him but it started jumping from one dps to the other as she couldnt build up any more threat and dps kept nuking.
Instead of just standing still and paying the bill for overaggro'ing they walked backwards... starting the next phase early.
Luckily the other tank was quick to grab it so Hydross wouldnt step back again and start again a new phase, which would have resulted in 8 adds instead of 4 to grab for the offtanks, would have been very tricky.
Hydross down first ever try for our Girly tank anyway :D

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