Thursday, November 1

Optional raiding

Yesterday was a raid-free day, we have 3 evenings like that where no raids are planned. So on these nights (and during daytime in the weekend) you can do things for yourself.
Quite stunning how much personal time you have to commit to a raidgroup. If you want to have to privelage to see stuff you can't see solo you will have to sacrifice something in return ofcourse.
As i probably told before Karazhan is no longer part of our raidschedual, we do it on our free days and it's totaly optional... if you rather alt, run a 5-man or need to grind, it's up to you. Karazhan is however DKP free, it has always been.. which means it's a nice way to get some nice gear without killing your DKP-pool. (that is, if there is still gear in there you need)
For a large group it's a nice way to play your alt and give it some half decent gear aswell, lucky for those mains who still want to go as it is a pain to get people to go there nowadays just for the fun of it as most are quite sick of Kara by now. The downside is that it's often not clear in advance if we have a Kara run going or not and many times it starts late as we wait and pray for someone to fill the last spot. (healers mostly)

To kill time we did a run to Botanica, i was up for the rep and most others (all alts except for the lock m8) hoped for a combination of rep and loot. Then suddenly the call for Karazhan came which was our main goal (at least it was mine) but shortly we found out our healer didn't wanna go to Kara and rather finished the run..... i commited to this run so i had no choice to finish it. I'm glad the healer told us, don't get me wrong.. rather have him being honest then blame us for ditching him later on.
We finished the run quite fast anyway and even replaced the last green item on the Lock (who did 45% of the damage btw)... we started Karazhan quite late due to this (21h30?) but still cleared Huntsman, Moroes and Maiden and called it a night at 23h30.
A fun night i can tell you, no loot for me personally but that's just a bonus and not the main goal.
Just wished i could force myself to take an early night for a change :)

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