Monday, November 19

1 + 1 + 1 = 5 Badges

With the introduction of patch 2.3 i've suddenly found a new habbit for my warrior alt: collecting badges!
Now i suddenly have all the Heroic keys i can go anywhere i want to which makes the new daily Heroic quests even sweeter.
It seems simple, clear the Heroic instance.. get the quest item drop and get 2 free Heroic badges... actually it ís simple!
So killing 3 bosses will give you a quick 5 badges, it's like my poststamp collection has started all over again. (except for the fact i never did that but you get the picture :P )
With a shitload of new items added there is bound to be something to your liking at the vendor, i myself have laid my eyes on a new tanking cloak; [Slikk's Cloak of Placation].
I've not yet given much thought on what to get after that but some bits are deffo an upgrade compared to the Karazhan epics i currently have, the leggings for one... but lets get that cloak for starters.

Yesterday (sunday) we did an alt run to Karazhan during the day and in the time available we managed to get to Curator, one-shotting every boss.. even had a premature pull on Maiden and while she took a life we reacted quickly and put things right. This may seem unrelated but it isn't actually... this relative short run made us end up with 9 Badges of Justice. Not a bad number i'd say for a couple of hours while at the same time gearing up some alts.
Now in a previous post i complained it was waaay easier to get epics doing pvp then raiding... while clearing 25man raids can still be a pain, gathering badges has gotten alot easier ánd faster. Lots of the rewards are even surprisingly good, some won't even need to be replaced untill you're in the Black Temple.
I'm not raiding (just) for the loot ofcourse, i had a great time yesterday evening when we did our first ever attempt on Lady Vashj (woot!), but it almost seems you just need to clear SSC and TK to get attuned to the next instance not just for gearing up.
In a way the new Badge system helps raid progress aswell ofcourse, people can work on gearing up outside of raids aswell.. even pot up on DKP that way to get the better drops later. :) I myself like to invest in my alt, maybe not the best move progress-wise but at this moment that is where i get most fun from and aint that the main goal of this game?

Anyway.. after 2 Heroic runs and 1 Karazhan run i'm at 23 badges which is just 2 short of a new cloak which makes me a happy gamer ;)

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