Tuesday, November 20

Gone Fishin'

Aye it's true... i was sooo bored yesterday i actually started fishing once again.
We had somewhat planned to finish Karazhan (just chess between us and the Prince) but some others decided to go do Zul'Aman... because of this we ended up in two raids (altho i only started invites áfter it seemed that people didn't want to do ZA that day) and neither did go anywhere in the end. I tried to get my raids people to get to ZA if they wanted so they wouldn't have to hang around bored doing nothing, i myself just didn't feel like raiding on my Hunter... i had set my mind on raiding with my warrior and the hunter just wouldn't do.

My recently restarted m8 has been leveling his fishing as he wanted to level his cooking to be able to do the new cooking dailies. I gave him some tips how to do it, for example i advised him to go fish outside of the Wailing Caverns and catch Deviate Fish so he (ended up being me) could turn them into [Savory Deviate Delight] and make some profit from leveling fishing... sure it takes a bit longer to skill fishing like that but it won't end at a certain level, you will just need to catch more and more for a level.
He found a new way to earn gold; fish for lobsters as those turn into
[Spicy Crawdad] which are supposed to sell nicely on AH aswell.
To improve his fishing skills he even enchanted some gloves with +5 fishing and was then on his way to Stranglethorn Vale to do a quest to get a fishing hat... i soon found out that he ment the hat which is a turn-in reward from a rare fish during the sundays fishing tournament, my bet is that he can be found there next weekend. :)
I advised him to get the new Find Fish tracking so spotting the pools will be alot easier then, learned from a [Weather-beaten Journal] which can be caught from pools since patch 2.3. As i was bored i decided to get this of my list aswell... surprisingly the fourth catch already had the journal in it, caught from a pool of fish in Zangermarsh.
The rest of the evening i would catch fish usefull to raiding later, fish with Agility and those with Stamina ánd mp5... in between i would fish on floating wreckage and pure water which gave me some Motes of Water, Fel Iron ore, handsful of Fel Iron bolts and all sorts of other debris. No fishing won't make me rich but surprisingly i didn't mind fishing mindlessly throughout the rest of the evening, i didn't feel like anything else anymore.

Did i waste my evening? I'd like to think not: i managed to maximize my cooking, gain some fishing skills and got a bag full of buff food. I even managed to get some earlier shuteye without still seeing flashes before my eyes from hectic fights and hefty repairbills.... maybe i should fish more often, Nag Pagle finally got his own dock and tent after 3 years... perhaps he's living the good life afterall.

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