Wednesday, November 7

Shaking.. hands...

Due to being ill (likely thanks to the GF) i've missed 2 raids now and one optional Kara raid. I did do some dailies but by the time it was time to raid the water was running from my eyes and my head was beating like a whole raid of Drums, so it was time to hit the bed once more.
As we have no raid tonight it could be a slow night once again, perhaps i'll even go watch some tv or play HL2 instead of Wow if there is nothing to do for me.
You'd think i'd really need my wow-fix after a period of none raiding and limited other wow-time... but it's not like that actually. I've been trying to think of something fun to do later on today when i'm no longer stuck at work but the inspiration is limited.

Now i did read that the patch (2.3) will hit us next week (14th of November for Europe, one day earlier for the US) which means i have some farming to do. I was planning on making me that new big quiver ([Quiver of a Thousand Feathers]) so i wouldn't have to fill up my backup aswell constantly... i wanted to have enough honor on my Warrior alt to buy at least the shield, perhaps even the shoulders (Season 3 of Arena starts the 20/21th so i got a week more for that). But as 2.3 is the Zul'Aman patch we will likely be hitting that place which is something i look forward to aswell.
I'm expecting the Monday Karazhan run to be canceled for a while tho so i might need to shelve my Warrior for a bit sadly enough... unless we can use him in ZA, not sure if his gear is 100% up to that tho.
Not sure what else i'm looking forward to atm, the new ammo is nice and it sure helps getting an ammo vendor in Shattrah for all the special ammo (1 at Scyer and 1 at Aldor) which will reduce traveling time to the different factions). I was thinking if i should stock up on mats to get myself some Engineered arrows made... ([Adamantite Arrow Maker]) if i'm not mistaken those are the highest damage ones again.
I'm kind of a cheapskate, always carrying around two types of arrows; 1 type for trash/solo play and the better expensive type for bosses.
I know most other Hunters just use one type, i wonder if i didn't save on those if i would end up even higher on the charts when looking at overall damage...

Guess i'm up for some pre-fun, preparing for things and items to come... a relaxed night awaits me with plenty to do but nothing with high priority. Let's start in Westfall to grind me 1000 Light Feathers (99 actually) for my quiver so that task is doen with.
After that i might do some Alterac Valley on my Warrior... currently still the easiest and fastest way to gain quick Honor but i'm afraid when they "fix" AV in 2.3 that a match is actually gonna take alot longer.
Perhaps i should find a way to level my Engineer to level 335 so i can make my own arrows, the problem is that my Engineer is just level 64 atm so can't farm the pattern by himself :S Good thing one of our Hunters has switched to engineering recently so i'll guess i'll go mailbomb his box for now :)

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