Wednesday, November 28


Why is it that some Epics don't seem worth the pixels? I remember when i first did Karazhan on my Hunter (my main) i was completely covered in the best Blue (rare) items i could find from questrewards, crafted or instance drops. One of the things i soon found at was that the Epics in Karazhan weren't that much of an upgrade over my blues most of the time... more of a sidegrade.
Most of the time i would actually lose dps but would gain some other stat, mostly stamina or intellect. In my own calculations i always used "dps > other stats" but i soon addopted a new motto: "dead people don't deal damage" so i went for the sidegrades anyway, altho sometimes with pain in my spreadsheet.
Still now i get offered new epic drops in SSC and now and then they are such minor upgrades that i wouldn't want to spend my dkp on it.. kind of like the Thunderstrike (aka Shadowstrike) which dropped from Sulfuron in MC, which wasn't worth the dkp either and thus got the nickname Nexusstrike or Vendorstrike.

Yesterday before i had to go raid SSC (Vashj 24%.. we will have her soon) i got invited for a quick Heroic run on my tank to Setthek Halls.
Things went smooth and we had picked up a good healer which was the only non-guildy. A bit later we managed to kill the final boss and Spaulders of Dementia dropped. I've been looking at these shoulders in the past and selected them as a future upgrade... so when these dropped i automaticly targeted them as an upgrade and rolled Need.
Now as i currently own Shoulderguards of the bold and epics > blues (yeah right) there was no doubt for anyone that i should get them. Only a bit after that i just realised that i was gonna get the PvP shoulders once Season3 would start (the day after) and that i should compare them to those... i might have denied someone a shard by my impulsive behaviour. Comparing them to either my current blue ones or the pvp ones they had no sockets which would result in quite a stamina setback, sure i would gain 24 agility (altho the crit on the pvp shoulders was more) but as this was ment for my tanking set the stamina had priority. The extra defense the Spaulders of Dementia would give aren't needed at the moment but i guess i bank them in case i need to swap some gear around.
In the end this item might have been more usefull as a shard and simply comparing them to the blue shoulders i have alone makes them more of a sidegrade then an upgrade... not worth the dkp but luckily i didn't need to spend it.

The one bonus it gave was the matching colors it has compared to the rest of my gear... making me look like less of a noob a day early. :)

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