Thursday, November 29

Alts do Prince

I need to say "hurray for badges!"... runs like Karazhan are a lot more popular all of the sudden it seems and that must have been the general idea Blizzard had all along. Sure more interest can mean it is easier to actually miss out on a run, certainly with an alt, but those you do get to attend are alot more fruitfull.
Yesterday we had a common problem: lack of healers. Two people had alt priests luckily and we managed to do both Huntsman and Moroes... dps was pretty amazing as most of the others were mains, in total we had 4 alts at the beggining where me and the hunter were epic geared. Later a main dps dropped out for a 3rd healer alt (which is also reasonable epic geared i think) Maybe the title is a bit too misleading afterall :)
Long story short.. we did Horseman (which we did by mistake actually.. had better skipped him), Moroes, Wiz of Oz (opera), Curator, Chess and Prince. We ended at a few minutes past 12h where we didn't start before 9ish, so 3 hours later we downed 6 bosses. Not bad if i say so myself.
I really liked the pace we were going and most people didn't take long afk and buff breaks, we weren't rushing and it was relaxed enough.
I think after i left some people went on and skapped either Illhoof or Aran aswell but it was time for my beautysleep.

Just now i found out i almost made a critical mistake... Vambracers of Courage dropped and i identified them as a minor upgrade compared to my current Bracers of the Green Fortress. I would lose some stamina, defense and dodge but would gain some armor and blockrating... as i'm short of rage often because i dodge and parry to much the extra blockrating seemed nice for extra threat for my Shield slam. But just now when getting links from Wowhead i notice there is actually an extra socket on the vambracers, won't lose stamina but would actually gain some.
Now thats a nice day-after surprise!

Like many others i got myself some nice fresh epics yesterday, resulting in enchant materials and gems to skyrocket.
Luckily i got most materials in advance so i will just be paying through the nose for the gem needed on the unexpected new bracers.
Just wonder why i didn't think of those prices skyrocket in advance so i could have joined the sledride to new found richess....
Well, i won't start complaining now.. i'm actually very happy with what i got yesterday and had truelly one of the better Wowdays.
It's good to be an addict. :-P

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