Tuesday, November 13

Comforting Wow

Yesterday a fairly new guildy announced something terrible... something which made all our own frustrations and problems look insignificant and i'm not just talking about the ingame ones. I have come to appreciatte this guy already in a short period of time as he's not just a very skilled player but also a very nice guy, always paying attention and in for a joke.
He shared his reallife pain with us as he it was likely to effect his ingame life and time aswell, without going too much into detail as i wanna respect his privacy; his other half got attacked by a bunch of drunk racist kids a bit back.. and while thing were looking good now his partner was recovering in the hospital there occured unexpected complications. Yesterday morning our guildy had to say goodbye to his love.
Now i have lost a few people in my life aswell, most shockingly my best friend and my mother within 3 weeks from each other.. i can't imagen how terrible it must be to lose your GF/BF, when thinking about it i wouldn't know what would happen if i would have to go on without my GF.

This guildy decided to share his grieve with us as sharing your pain is likely the best thing you can do, even with relative strangers. He told us he was surprised he found such comfort from us, people on the other side of an on-line game. One of the guildies told him we weren't just a guild, we are a family... if something happens to one of us the others are there for him/her. I guess this is true for our guild mostly, i'd chosen the word Friends instead of Family myself but i guess it's just how you look at it. It's this familiy/friends feeling which keeps us together on moments when things don't run that smooth.
So if someone is in trouble we'd like to think we can try to help, sadly we can do little more then have a friendly chat when someone is having reallife problems. A while back when we had some people being hacked (including me) it showed just how much the rest of the guild would help with something they could actually help with. Besides a shitload of gold, pots and enchants heading our way they were gonna boost us through BWL... buttnakid if needed.

Ofcourse what happened to this guildy was alot worse then getting hacked and his life would probably evolve arround getting his love's murderer behind bars for quite a bit and i can only he won't lose himself into that.
He spend most of his time with friends and family yesterday if i understood him correctly but as seeing he came online at the start of the evening they let him have some time to himself, or perhaps his familiy needed time to themselves.. i'm just speculating a bit here.
This guildy spend most of his night as far as i can tell in the World of Warcraft, trying to get his mind of things for a while. You might want to call it hiding from the real world but there is only so much you can take and being online surrounded by people you've come to see as friends might just be the thing you need if you want to forget the mean and messed up world out there, if only for a short while.

My thoughts are with you and your family m8, hope you can get through this.

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