Wednesday, November 14


At work at the moment (as usual at this time) and with the new patch waiting for me at home its time to make a To-Do list to getting going as effective as possible when i get home. Nothing says Addict like a shitload of pre-planning.
So time to check out the 2.3 patchnotes once again.
The to-do list will be different for each person but this one is for my level 70 Hunter with Leatherworking, for my Tank there aint much to do yet at this point.. he will have to wait till next week when season 3 starts.

  • Go see the LW trainer in Honor Hold for new patterns
  • Go see the LC quartermaster for new LW pattern(s)
  • Check out the new dailies; Cooking ones, Heroic and Regular dungeons
  • See if i can get the new petfood cookingpattern from a daily
  • Check out my Hunter's skills (Serpent sting, deadzone, aimed shot, Arcane shot, tracking)
  • Go see the new Heroic rewards
  • Check out my Warrior's expertise/hitrating.
  • Check out my Warrior's skills (Devastate)
  • Check out Guildbank; as an officer i would like to see how this works
  • Check out the new guildtab; there is supposed to be some sort of log with dates of people joined/promoted/etc.
  • Drop a load of metal on the Auction House
  • Check out the new AH interface while i'm at it
  • Grind 2 Primal Air and craft me the Quiver of a 1000 feathers
  • Get all remaining Heroic keys for my Warrior
  • See if we can fish up one of the new Fishpool tracking books
  • Check out the new zone in Dustwallow Marsch on my Shammy alt.
  • Grind a 24 slot LW bag on Ogre's in Barrier hills
This is about the order of "tasks" aswell but there might be called out a few cool new things in guildchat i haven't thought of but will need to add to this list somewhere during the evening.
If i run out of things to do before of the end of the night (there are likely at least 2 good grinds in that list) i can try to do a few Battlegrounds to see what has changed. Mainly Alterac Valley could be interesting, altho not sure if it will be in a good way.
I'm 2600honor short to buy me both the Shield ánd the Shoulders next Wednesday but i got all week for that, shouldn't be too hard.
Now there is one more thing i need to add to the list but i'm not sure i will be able to do that already: Replace addons!
Most likely loads of my enormous list of addons will be messed up resulting in a constant spam of errormessages... as many of those addons won't be updated tonight anyway and if i'm lucky the addon sites will get some heavy abuse so i can't go see for myself anyway.
Hopefully i can update the most essential ones tomorrow just before the Zul'Aman raid.

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