Thursday, November 15

T plus one

Guess i'll report back in... other bloggers seem to have made a report on their findings (like BBB) and it would make a fitting followup to my previous post. I'll try to make this as painless as possible for you guys tho so don't worry.

So how did i spend my day?
I logged on to my Hunter, got the new patterns (actually i did live up to my addictness and did this during my lunchbreak which i used to drive home like a madman.. patched my wow and then did a quick Outlands tour).
Later that day i finished the daily cooking quest and got [Spicy Hot Talkbuk] instead of the wanted [Kibler's bits], better luck tonight i guess.
I did make the new 1000 feather quiver so i gained a wooping 6 slots and filled the half quiver up with the new epic arrows for boss events.
The new animation for Volley is doable i guess... looks a bit like fireworks (shooting from the chest as the Hunter won't be doing a shootanimation >.>) but the sound!!! It even sounds like bloody fireworks... i'm trying to kill mobs with it, not threat them to a fuckin' show here... /sigh
Took a quick peak at the Heroic badge rewards and i've spotted a nice tankcloak sofar, defo need to look more into what they have later.
The Guildbank is looking pretty cool aswell, i'm not sure if it will change much for our members but our Guild's banker is surely happy we will be able to give him a hand from now on.

Most addons still seemed to work for me or i didn't really missed them much yet.. will check on those somewhere this weekend i suppose, gives the addon masters some time to update them aswell.
I checked out the new Daily PvP quests which would give me a shocking 450honor (i think it was) and some badges from that BG aswell, not bad. Too bad to complete the quest you need to win the Battleground, quite a pain as alliance :/
We even managed to lose Alterac Valley for the first time in a loooong time.. the new method requires a bit more tactical play so we are pretty much fucked in another BG. Luckily i'm close to the wanted items so i can forget about them for a bit soon.
As all Heroic keys are available on Honored now i picked mine up aswell (already had them on my main but my tank just had 2 thusfar). I quickly got drafted for the days Heroic (Ramparts) to earn 2 extra badges when turning in the daily, really like this addition... will make finding Heroics quite a bit easier, at least once a day because after that you're saved anyway. Soon i was unvirgined as a Heroic Tank and the near full Epic gear i had did withstand the test excellent, even when our healer DC'd i managed to stay up long enough for our Elemental shammy to notice and spam me some heals.

I joined another Heroic later as i got the taste for it and went to the Manatombs. Things went smooth and our Ret Pala was happy aswell as he didn't manage to overaggro me aslong as we were killing a single mob, on pulls where i had to tank more then 1 i had to keep an eye on that but even then it went okay most of the time.
Can't take the credit for the smoothness of this run myself as we had some of our finest in that party.
Besides a few more badges (which brought my 1st days total to 8) [The Fel Barrier] dropped aswell, i really wanted that... not just for the usefull resistance stats but also for the great graphics. The first epic i had bought for my warrior was the [The Skullflame Shield] which costed me quite a bit. After i got hacked this shield was one of the first items i rebought for him as i just loved it. I hated it i had to replace it for a better shield later on and still have it in my bank.. good to finally have it as an upgraded version :) The mage we had along (a regular reader :P ) mentioned me it had better armor then my current which i didn't even notice yet, almost 1k even. The reason i didn't take a very good look at this is as i plan to have the Gladiator shield next week anyway which will be superior to this one again... at least it gives me one week to walk arround looking old fashion wicked again.

Hmmm.. guess it wasn't as painless as i expected it to be, thanks for sticking tho :P
At least it's a sign there was plenty to do for me yesterday, patch 2.4 next week please?

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