Thursday, November 1

Abnormal Mage?

Who does the raidinggame must have been confronted with damage meters... Recap, Recount, WWS.. various options to track the ammount of damage you have dealth. At the moment i use Omen which is (as you hopefully know) is actually a threatmeter. Then i manage to stay high on the threatmeters i know i'm dishing out the most dps, as a small bonus i have goo view on the tanks threat. It doesn't give nice meters afterwards or pretty statistics but thats not that important to me, it's important i try to squeeze out as much as possible when the moment is there... not because i want to top the meters but because i wanna be the best i can be and succeed.
Ofcourse being high on the meters is a nice ego boost, yet again a bonus :)

Not all of us can be part of the damagemeters, healers and tanks aren't suppose to do damage... at least not as a primairy task. A lot of classes are ment to do dps but others have other functions aswell to justify their lower damage output or Blizz just hit them with the nerfbat too hard somewhere in the past. In the past Hunters weren't ment on top of the meters, they were mostly part of the sub-top and offered other utility... not threat limited and low maintenace dps were two of those. (Despite that i was often top dps on my Hunter)
Mages were high up there... thé dps class so to speak. Rogues did pretty good aswell when they weren't limited by movement or other factors which limited their dps time or their potential lifespan.
Currently the three classes which are ment to top the meters are Rogue's, BM Hunters and Warlocks... at least thats the last thing i heared.

For some reason one of our Mages begs to differ and often is on the top aswell, competing with Rogue's and BM Hunters. Most of our Locks can't keep up sadly enough and i'm afraid that says more about them then the mage.
This mage however is a numbercruncher and i'm sure he reads up on his class whenever possible, not saving a single goldpiece if he can get an item with 1spelldamage more and using flasks as manadrinks.
I consider myself a good player but i'm not checking on my own performance 5 times a day, i don't respec each week for the need of the raid (altho i think my spec fits me best) and i refuse to heavily pot up on trashpulls. (i go all out on bosses seems enough for me and will hopefully avoid me going bankrupt soon)
Some players excell in every class they play, they are just good gamers and are able to play anything to it's possible potential.... i think i play my Warrior pretty damn good aswell for example (still much to learn but i'm making good progress) and this mage can play his other toons pretty good aswell.
What is my point in this story? I'm not sure actually, i guess to show that we can overcome the retrictions Blizzard puts on our classes and can shine even if general believes try to tell us otherwise.

For your enjoyment (and to make my point) click the image for a bigger view of the damage done on our very first Leotheras (SSC) kill.

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Alan said...

I've recently started reading your blog and I'm really enjoying it!
About the topic... I fully agree with your assessment on what classes are "supposed" to be tops on DPS. These classes are also the easiest to be tops in dps with. They have the aggro reduction abilities that allow incredibly high dps without pulling the mob from the tank. Unfortunately, Moonkin do not enjoy that luxury and as such their dps becomes mighty nerfed. I've witness our Guild Boomkin tear apart the dps charts but he's also receiving about as much healing as the tank does. Such a pity... i like to see the Furball.