Friday, November 16

I r Blog troll?

I got a few good (hopefully) posts still waiting but i feel it aint the time for that yet.. so without a real topic i'm gonna start todays post.
At least i have some stuff to write about; our guild did Zul'Aman yesterday.
A shocking 32 people came online to experience the new Troll themed instance and surprisingly we were able to form 3 raidgroups, reasonable balanced.
Sorting this took some time so we started off a bit late.

We've read the tactics quickly but besides that we knew very little on this instance, so a little scared and very cautious we moved forward. We soon found out the trash to the first boss (bear-dude) was easy enough for our group and shortly after we were at the boss. I told the others the tactics on this one and we did our first attempt which would become the last one aswell as we 1-shotted him.
He did hit quite hard and i saw our tanks health drop awfully low at times but the healers kept them up. Sadly enough no one wanted the loot he dropped.
To my surprise my group was the first one to kill the boss which made me a bit proud on "my" group :)
We moved back and went north to the Eagle boss, supposed to be the next boss when comparing easy-ness. Trash was a bit of a surprise as we needed to run a sort of short gauntlet, clearing the path upwards while adds kept spawning. Despite one of our players DC'ing we had not much problems with this as all players acted quickly to the unexpected event, nice to have people around who can take action without 4-page instructions.
After explaining tactics on the Eagle boss and adapting them a bit we managed to 1-shot that one aswell. The loot was perfect for a resto-shammy but as we didn't have one in our group we were another shard richer.

The Dragonhawk boss was our next target, Lynx might have been easier i heard later but he will have to wait. The first thing i noticed was a Scout, i instantly remembered these being buggers but he was aggro'd before i could call out to stop him. Adds spawned which we dealt with.
But before we reached the boss we had to kill many of these scouts, often too late so we ended up dealing with both a trashpull as a load of adds.
We wiped at least 3 times just getting to this boss, might have been more even... what a pain those scouts are.
The boss appeared to be a bit trickier and we needed to adapt our tactics several times and we almost had the trick figured out and were ready to take him down.
But when some people who had to repair ran back we had to cope with respawns.
It was late so we called it but we had quite a bit of fun in Zul'Aman, despite disappointing rewards so far. (altho the 3 Heroic Badges and the new 20slot bag were nice)

All 3 groups ended with the same ammount of bosses killed in the time available, we just managed to test the trash before the Dragonhawk boss a bit more :)
With a bit of luck we can head back there tonight but with 3 different raidids chances are slim, but at least we have a fresh SSC waiting for us aswell.

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