Tuesday, November 6

IronForge Boredom

Yesterday i was bed-bound for most of the day as i became ill in the weekend. This resulted in me missing sunday's raid and even worse: made me skip yesterdays blog, omg! At the end of the monday i was soo freakin' bored with my bed i logged in onto WoW around 20h despite of the headache. I didn't really felt like doing anything and since not much was going on anyway i ended up standing in Shatt for an hour or so before finally doing a few mindless quests.
Now this hanging around does happen more often, even when i don't have an headache... just because i can't find the inspiration for something. Luckily i find myself with less down-time in the Outlands then i did pre-TBC.
Before we had dailies and the relative short instance runs people often spend enteire nights hanging around in Ironforge (prob the same goes for Ogrimarr) looking for a group to a instance of his/her liking.
Or if you had an alt but didn't want to take it through the dreaded STV quest-zone again... anyway, there was nothing fun to do besides watching the spammeral chat or scanning the Auction House for the bazillionth time.
Often you did nothing but chat a bit with friends who had the same problem sitting around a campfire on the AH bridge.

But at other times you tried to think up stupid things to do to kill time.. who hasn't lined up in a mount parade around IF at least once?
Some people duelled outside the IF gates all night but that got bored too fast for me anyway.
I spend a big part of one night running around with a m8 through IF in what i called "GTA-style", with the camera direct above us looking down (like the old Grand Theft Auto games) which gave a whole new look to Wow for awhile.
This same Warrior m8 set up a guild once called < Warrior Trainer > once and was camping in between the other Warrior trainers. It was a long night but he actually got some low level warrior noob confused, guess it was worth the wait. :)
I suppose i would have clicked the T3 warrior myself aswell if i wanted to gain some knowledge.
We've seen words spelled on the floor out of bears, mass moonkin dances (saxy!), people playing hide and seek or simply nakid Nightelfs dancing in an AoE shower.
I myself tried to move around IF in a Free running way... trying to minimalize the time on regular ground and jump from building onto the balcony of the next, quite a bit of Ironforge can be done like this. But other people have been more persistant and kept rubbing certain walls until they reached the highest parts of Ironforge, i've seen people in that gap where the Gryphon flies through for example. (between bank-square and the forge)
When i get bored in Shattrah i go do some dailies most of the time till something more fun comes around, perhaps Blizzard has sort of smuttered our creativity by offering us more to do...

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