Tuesday, November 27

The last man elf in Azeroth

The last week i have been leveling my mining on my level from zero to what it currently is (326?). I started out in Loch Modann east of Ironforge for Copper and later Tin, for Iron i went to the Arathi Highlands, then went on to the Hinterlands for Mithril. Before going to Silithus for the Rich Thorium veins i had to make a small stop in Ungoro crater for the few last needed levels on small Thoriumveins.
On my journey through the "old" world i made some stops in other area's aswell and almost everywhere i had the feeling i was the very last person alive in this world. Too be honest it felt pretty good being away from the crowd, it was almost like i was on a holiday... perhaps roleplaying might not be such a bad idea as i assume getting away and relax is part of their play aswell.
But i had more feelings then just that, i felt like i owned the place... every vein around there was mine and no creature was powerfull enough to lay hands on me, i even killed The Windreaver... a level 60 elite with 3 adds with a protection warrior. (kited him once on my Hunter which took alot longer and wasn't easy with all those damned bugs out in the Silithus dessert)

But being out there alone kind of made me sad... this great world as been discarded by most of us while we had soo many great adventures out there and spend days of our lives exploring those zones. Leveling a new toon is nowhere near as much fun as it was in the beginning of Wow and i pity da foo' who joined us later and missed out on that experience. Sure, loads of quests are a lot easier but teaming up with even a noob could make some quests alot easier... and lets not forget how much harder it is to get a low level instance party together.
I can only hope that with Northrend being added to the Azeroth map there will be going some more traffic through that world so at least Ironforge can be restored to it's own glory, or at least won't be the abandoned place it is now.
Likely just as Ogrimmar Ironforge used to be thé place to be... it was there where you would show your new gear, new pet, new gizmo/gadget, do your tradings or spend your hours being bored. Imho Shattrah hasn't really got a hangspot like this, as far as i know Blizzard did this on purpose to spread people to avoid lag for some players.

I'm ending this useless little post saluting the heroes who keep an eye on Azeroth for us while we are robbing the Outlands of its natural resources... thanks for keeping it safe until we return!


Wow Panda said...

LOL the last line was very very funny! I laughed out at work.

Anyway I still port to IF once a while, errr to the Auction House!

Daxenos said...

My shadow priest alt just hit Outlands on Christmas eve and never set foot in Silithililisussss, or how ever you spell it.

From my two previous journeys there, I knew that the first couple of quest rewards were much better than anything I could get in Oldlands.

I keep telling myself that one of these days, I'll take my toons out and explore the world...but it just doesn't seem to happen.