Thursday, November 8


As i might have mentioned before i have a druid aswell, currently level 64. I leveled this guy quite a while ago as a feral but i got bored with it after a while so it got stuck on arround level 42. After a while i decided to pick it up again and try it as a Moonkin... the main reasoning behind this was that i would have gear with a nice ammount of mana (spelldamage/healing was limited at that level) which would easier get me into groups for instances aswell.
I liked the extra possibility this gave me and the big hits when solo'ing wasn't bad either.. actually a nice change from Feral.
After a while we even got moonkin form with the sexy dance and shortly after they buffed moonkin so it was a bit less of a Oomkin, still problematic at times but a great improvement mostly.

I ran Zul'Gurub with my Moonkin later and one of the bigger issues was getting aggro all the time, i simply had to wait twice as long before starting dps then the other casters so a lucky Starfire crit wouldn't draw the mobs attention again.
Trash went fine this way but at boss encounters i ran out of mana halfway during a fight anyway (this was before you could spank a mob for manareturn, unless Judgement of Wisdom was on). During these events i often just stayed in caster form and offhealed where needed, also on trash i would often switch out of Moonkin and dropped some heals here and there if the action became a bit high paced.
Despite all of this i managed to get relative high on the charts, probably at nr. 2 or 3 if i just would keep dps'ing all of the time.
DPS was good, threatgeneration was waay too good and manaproblems were defo an issue aswell.

Recently i've seen more newitems on Moonkin, one was of a Moonkin tanking in Karazhan for one. Sure this moonkin had likely quite good gear and perhaps some dps even had to hold back to not overaggro (altho without BoS a Moonkin can be a tank's worst nightmare),.. but still it was a funny way to use a moonkin, probably the only class/spec besides Pala, Warrior and Feral Druid who can pull this off relative easily due to the armorbonus in moonkin form.
Now i realise my druids gear is probably quite crappy still but i'm not too impressed with my own performance so far. Unless i can root a mob so it won't interrupt my loooong casts i'm in a bit of tight spot. Barkskin is nice but often doesn't allow me enough time to completely kill a mob, resulting in the need of using the mana-ineffective instant Moonfire several times. I use my Treants mostly as offtanks when i happen to run into more then 1 mob, buying me enough time to kill one mob as more then one beating on me at once resulted in my fur (feathers?) turning gray before i got a spell off. (or my immenent death, whichever comes first)

The good stories i've read recently on Moonkins haven't restored my enthousiasm with my Druid sadly enough, i'd like to level it so i can use him for a farmbot (as he has mining) and make a buck for a change. (engineering on him costed me plenty thus far) But i've done the Outlands content twice now and won't do it again if the character need to do it with doesn't appeal to me in some way.
So unless someone makes me see the light, my druid is staying AFK for a bit... till we meet again my green haired friend.


Yalmin said...

Heej Exanimo,

I started to collect some boomkin gear with Hearla because I really want to try that part of a druid aswell. Well, I have above 700 damage now when boomkin specced and I can tell you it's pretty fun.
You talked about long castimes, but when you crit your wrath has a 1 sec. cast, can't call that long :-)
Get him to 70 and go spec Boomkin, it's fun.

Exanimo said...

Thanks for dropping by :)

1 second aint long idd, but i used to use Starfire mostly... i read somewhere there are some differences about moonkin's playstyle aswell focused on either Wrath or Starfire, not sure why.. perhaps people went for Naturedamage/Arcanedamage gear?
I really should read up more on moonkins, elitist jerks here i come!

Anonymous said...

Raiding wise use wrath for the trash or just when u needa kill sumthing fast and keep starfire for bosses its more mana efficient. and when giving the tank to get aggro on a mob just Insect swarm-FF (if u have the talent) and u shld be fine. =D

Anonymous said...

I run a druid fleet on several servers. I have other 70 and near 70s but I am really into exploring Druids for all they are worth. Yes, indoors (no roots) is a serious issue, and a close in AOE would be a huge help, but Boomkin/Panzerkin is a very fun class & spec. I run all my druids to 58-60 before respeccing. Boomkin has generally been a blast. I rarely use starfire. Just root & shoot (root, insect swarm, Fairey fire, wrath, moonfire, wrath) I keep a finger ready to re root in case it breaks free.
I keep my attack keys fairly normalized between my druids so that I don't have to relearn each character. I ran ramps again last night (at 62) with a 65 warrior tank, a 70 rogue and a 70 shadow priest. When I wanted to, i could easily pull aggro. I managed to go toe to toe with 2 of the bosses and take multiple hits before the tank could peel it off and never took a hard hit.
I have 2 feral 70s epiced out, a 68 resto (don't respec resto till after 68-70 unless you run that one with friends !) and Boomkin is really fun. As the pervious poster mentioned, save starfire for bosses, alternate 2 wrath with 1 moonfire, keep insect swarm going and FF on at all times.