Wednesday, November 21

Six is a crowd.. 10 even more

Our raid starts at 20h30, 19h15 i enter the lovely World of Warcraft... enough time for a quick Heroic? Worth a shot...
Let's see what our Consortium friends in Shattrah want us to eliminate today, a big dragon in the Caverns of Time... at the Dark Portal to be more precise. Well, might be a tricky one but lets give it a shot.
Within two minutes i have a party together, including a lock who wiped there earlier today and is willing to give it another shot.

We move all the way to frakkin' Tanaris, waisting valuable time.. the clock is ticking but there is still time.
We let our lock run into the instance first as we need to use his raid id... hmmm, two different instances? Ok run out, make lock leader and try again. That seems to work!
But WTH? Some of us can't enter "instance full", but before i figured out what is going on the answer comes to me... on a dwarven mount.... and then another answer.. on a horse. Suddenly i find myself in this instance with two people who aint even in our party. o.O
We are confused and it seems the other guys are aswell. A Blizzard fuckup? I've heard about double ID's before, there was a thing a while back where an Alliance and an Horde raid had the same ID in the Black Temple... they had the unique (but not working as intended) chance to down a BT boss with a mixed raid. (Not sure if they succeeded on that tho)
I also read this article on a 3 vs 3 Arena match where suddenly a 4th of the opposing faction joined one of the teams and was able to actually heal those guys.
Did we encounter something like this? Did Blizz used the same raid ID for a next group already?
There wasn't time to make a ticket and wait for a GM to finally show... let alone get disappointed by his "sollution" which often are in the range of "delete your WTF folder and restart".

Soon we found out that Blizzard wasn't to blame.. (there goes my mass conspiracy theory) one of the people who done the instance with our saved lock tried again aswell with a different party. At least one of that (also unsuccesfull) party teamed with some others again after that and those were saved to that raid ID aswell now... the same as i was saved onto now aswell :S There were likely about 10-14 people saved to this ID now... resulting in little chance for most of us to actually do the instance.
By now we had just 40 minutes left and while at first we wanted to give Ramparts a quick shot for at least 1 badge we soon decided to give up on that too, invites for the raid usually start a bit early, most of us needed some preparation time and i surely didn't want to be caught in a different instance and thus delaying the raid as an officer.

Tonight is a no-raid day, perhaps a last minute Karazhan or Zul'aman but if i'd rather do an Heroic thats my choice. If i'm able to join on my warrior i won't mind either tho, i'm still 2 badges short of a new tank cloak and there is plenty of other stuff to get aswell.
Yesterday was disappointing Badges-wise but life aint over yet. On a more positive note i wiped all night on Vashj yesterday while we were learning the event on our second day... trying out different tactics. We got to 3 out of 4 shields in the second (and hardest) phase so things are coming along nicely.. despite all deaths i had a great time and i can't till the next time i can drop my lifeless body in front of Lady Vashj again. (altho returning the favor would be even nicer but i can wait...)

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