Thursday, November 22

Tank LF job!

It seems drastical but i actually was thinking about offering my warrior's services on non raiddays... just for raids and perhaps an Heroic if there is anything to gain for me. I'm figguring there are still guilds out there who could use a good tank (don't want to be cocky but for an alt i do pretty well) to help them in Karazhan or even at Gruul when i'm lucky.
"But aren't you in a raiding guild already?" Why yes... but my Main is my Hunter and after playing him for over 3 years it's nice to be able to play a different toon now and then. I raid 4 times a week on my Hunter and apart from the hard needed grinding (both mats as gold for repairs) it's nice to run an instance with my alt now and then.

Thing is... my tank is just that: an Alt. Yesterday we did a Karazhan run... at least the others in the guild did. Wednesday has been our optional run for Mains since a while now but i want to play my alts on Monday and Wednesday which aren't offical raiddays.
So what happened lately on Wednesday's mainrun to Kara? Lack of tanks! Guess who was gonna play MT in there? Now that wasn't too hard was it? But thanks to the 2.3 patch there drop Heroic Badges in Karazhan now.. increasing tank interest all of the sudden.
Sure i could have gone to Kara myself on my Hunter but i've gone there to often on him.
Now normally we still have Monday Kara Alt-run, it's a matter of crossing your fingers and just hope enough people are up for it. (preferable people who at least enchanted their Blue gear) I fear for my alts raid options now tho as we have Zul'aman aswell which is a good alternative for a monday's raid, but not for alts ofcourse >.>

I managed to get my tank some nice gear and i am still working on that. I like to do Karazhan but if i'm honest there aint much for me to get there but thats not the point... a tank needs to tank. Sure a 5man is fun but i hardly need the Epic gear i've gathered for that, even for Heroic i'm slightly overgeared i'd say. Even if i would be able to do Karazhan more often, what is the next step for an alt? Whats the next step for someone who aint considered full? It's about picking up the crumbs other people drop... "all tanks sick/depressed/grind wife-rep? Woot! Perhaps if you need a tank i can bring mine? ^.^ " Can't remember this happening yet and i don't expect it too happen anytime near soon, maybe around Xmas if i'm lucky.
But should i just hang around waiting for things which might not ever happen? Should i quit the guild with my Warrior and find a guild who's on Gruul, Karazhan, Magtheridon (about the point at which my warrior is) and join them on non-raid days? Doesn't sound like a bad idea but might be tricky combining two "lives". Should i request a mainswitch? As a councillor of the guild i'm well aware we got enough tanks already and my Hunters dps would surely be missed.

To not complicate things selling my services might not be such a bad idea, sort of a hitman but in my case receiving the hits instead of making one. :) Running an instance like Karazhan gives Heroic badges as drops, i'd say this would be enough payment... perhaps a drop when i'm lucky. If i would need to tank Gruul for the 100th time while there is nothing to gain i'd say paying my repairs would be the least they could do, but as i still would like some drops from him ánd the experience of tanking him at all it would be certainly my treat for now.
Or maybe i should stop dreaming and just accept what i am: an alt.

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