Tuesday, November 13

Check back later...

I find myself checking out the blogs i read several times a day, some of them i'm checking at least every hour to see if they already posted something new. So i was wondering "am i a too stable guy?" I do my best to post once a day, not in the weekends but i do during workdays. That makes 5 posts a week.
Only on very special occassions i post more then once on one day, when i didn't manage to put up a post the day before for example so my average won't fall. Or when i get a brilliant good idea all of the sudden and i already did post that day.
But to be honest, i don't do that very often... you can check, the blogroll is right there on the right. Go ahead, take a glimps if you don't believe me (calling me a big fat liar, bwah.. ).
And then i wondered: do all those visits i bring count to the number of visits to other people's blogs? Do i unknowingly boost them up the meters? It's not about meters i know that but it's nice to check them out once in a while and see you actually do this with a reason... people reading the "articles" i manage to produce.
Me with my steady postingritm might mess up my own number of visits, people visit my site somewhere during the day.. read the article.. check the date to make sure it's a new one (or regelars might actually know) and check back again the day after.

So thats why i posted two times today! To keep you on your toes!!! Maybe i'll even post again in 10mins,... or i won't.. guess you won't know till you check back do ya? :P
In meantime i'll go check out the Eternal N00bies again and see if he updated it or any of the others i recently added to my bloglinks, The Bronze Kettle or Girl meets Wow for example.
Ah well.. can always read the patchnotes for patch 2.3.0 for the 5th time.

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shelbi said...

i try to check blogs once a day..and we try to post once a day. weekends are slower.

for tracking, we use a service called clicky (www.getclicky.com). depending on how much traffic you get, you can use their free options w/o having to worry about losing count (they log the first 1K for free accts). i think they do a trial period tho, where you get full benefits. :D anyway, you can track uniques that way.